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Glitches during poor network connectivity
Posted: 13 September 2017 02:17 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Joined  2017-09-13

As an online game it’s understandable that things won’t work right when your network connection is down, but there are a few weird/annoying issues that I’ve seen when my connection is slow that should be addressed.

1. Application stuck at the loading screen.  This happens if network connectivity exists but is abnormally slow when opening the game.  Resolution requires actively killing the application and retrying.

2. Shuttle Mission Results in Background.  On occasion, clicking “Complete Mission” has no immediate effect.  Several seconds later the results will come up.  If you have clicked something else in the meantime (ie: Xing out of the shuttle page, or clicking complete on a second shuttle) when the results load they get stuck in the background of the home screen.  One can still hit the ‘Success” button, barely, by clicking in the background between the ‘Time Portal” and main mission icons. 

3. Away Mission locks up without error.  Specifically, after clicking an action, it starts thinking then presents you with a blank options screen and no way to proceed (and no error message).  This typically happens in one of the middle steps to a mission.  Sometimes, if you let it sit for a while it will come back, other times I’ve had to kill and restart the application (losing a few chronitons in the process).  The app should be smart enough to detect poor connectivity and, in this case, give the user an error/status-indicator and option to automatically or manually keep retrying until connectivity is restored. 

Every day or two I also tend to encounter an error about recipes changing and requiring the game to be restarted, but that presumably has nothing to do with my connectivity-related issues and is more of an inconvenience than a bug.