Feature Suggestions: Management of immortalized crew
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Two feature suggestions, one possibly fairly minor, one more substantial.

Minor suggestion:
If you have immortalized a particular crew member, any copies of that character in your active crew should have an emblem somewhere on the character portrait indicating the fact. This makes it easier, if you buy a premium or event pack, to identify any surplus crew you can airlock.

This new icon could go on the lower left, next to the airlock button. The gist of the feature is “can I airlock this crew and not lose access to the crew member?”.

The feature could be generalized further. If you have duplicate active crew and one of them is FF, any of the non-FF duplicates could have an indicator of the highest-level FF crew. (So for example, if you have a level 60 fully-fused Sniper Ezri Dax and another level 1 Sniper Ezri Dax, the level-1 Dax would have a little “60” in the lower-left corner.)

Major suggestion:
Improvement to the Cryostasis Vault UI, along the lines of the improvements to the active-crew UI. The ability to search your immortalized crew by name or trait, so that you can identify someone by name to unfreeze for an event, or identify by trait for a locked/difficult mission node.

This would also be another way to mitigate the problem from my first suggestion (knowing who you’ve already immortalized if you get another copy in a pack).

(I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this suggested before, so I’m just +1’ing it.)

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Mithiwithi - 13 September 2017 01:11 PM

(I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this suggested before, so I’m just +1’ing it.)

It feels like every single player on the forums has at some point suggested this feature and still DB hasn’t implemented it.

As always, I’ll +1. Very good idea. DB pls.


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