feds r us- now hiring!
Posted: 12 August 2017 06:33 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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feds r us, a very active and competitive fleet, well be looking for a new member on Monday 8/14/17 after the event ends. We are loosing a very strong player in a sub 50 ranked squad. The candidate we are looking for will have 4 shuttles and be capable of sub 1k on solo events. To qualify the following will be required:
        + Add *FEDS* to the avatar’s name
        + Have 4 shuttles
        + Be diligent on completing fleet dailies
        + Join our face book group page: Feds R Us
        + Be respectful of Fleet chat- no drama allowed.
        + Level 45+
        + Capable of sub 1k solo on events

Please contact me as soon as possible for consideration. Deadline is 1 pm Monday 8/14/17.

Captain Jack Sparrow admin for feds r us mhelm