Server Build Notes 07/11- New Content, themed Gauntlets and more! Edit with more!
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Greetings, Captains!

Today is a good day for.. new content!

With this server build we are introducing a new 5 mission Distress Call to the game, taking place in Klingon Space.

The temporal crisis has brought new conflict to the already fractious Klingon Empire, where vengeance, deceit, and rebellion are the least of a captain’s worries. Respond to these distress calls before the Empire falls further into disorder.

And, to go along with our mega-event “A Good Day to Lie”, new Klingon themed Gauntlets will also be available soon.

Lastly, we are also making a change in faction missions, you will now receive some rewards even when a shuttle mission does not succeed. While failing a mission is always a possibility, we felt that an attempt should not go unrewarded.

Thank you for playing!

- The Star Trek Timelines Team



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