v2.1.1 Client Build Notes
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Greetings, Captains!

Today we are releasing a new update to Star Trek Timelines, v2.1.1. This is a small update containing mainly bug fixes that we wanted to make available to you as quickly as possible. To benefit from those fixes, make sure to update your game (iOS/Android) once it becomes available in your app store. The update will be automatic for Steam Beta and Facebook/Facebook Gameroom.  For iOS and Android, a forced upgrade is scheduled for next Wednesday, July 5th.

Bug fixes

All platforms:
- Addressed an issue where Warp 10 was charged instead of Warp 1 when a Supply Kit was active.

Steam Beta/Facebook/Facebook Gameroom:
- Increased the speed of the mouse scroll. This will be visible in specific places in the game such as Inventory, Replicator, Vault, Chat, Crew Management, Away Missions, Shuttle Missions, Daily Missions, and Daily Rewards.

Steam Beta:
- FPS is now capped at 60 which should reduce the load on your GPU and CPU.
- Prices shown in-game should now be displayed in the correct currency for foreign currencies.
- Addressed an issue where some players were stuck in a tutorial loop.
- Addressed an issue where some players were unable to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode by using ALT+ENTER.


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