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[GT~] Fleet Thread
Posted: 01 June 2017 11:31 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Joined  2017-05-25

Hailing Frequencies > OPEN >
TRANSMIT > Standard Greeting of Friendship and Goodwill on All Subspace Channels >

=A= Welcome to the thread of the Fleet GAY TREKKERS [GT~]! =A=

The thread is meant to be a way to communicate about, with, and within the Fleet (based on the Niners Fleet precedent, hat tip).

This day, 1 June, marks the start of a month-long commemoration of Gay pride and the Stonewall riots.

It also inaugurates the establishment of the newest Gay Fleet in STAR TREK TIMELINES.

So, come, raise your glass of Romulan ale, tranya, kanar, Saurian brandy, hot chocolate (a personal favorite), prune juice (a warrior’s drink), coffee (in that nebula), bloodwine (if you must), or any other appropriately hued drink, in celebration with us of all good things TREK, GAY, EQUALITY, COLOR, FELLOWSHIP and — of course —FABULOUS.


Third in a line of sister Fleets that includes GAY TREKKIES and GAY TREKKIES BEYOND, GAY TREKKERS strives to serve as a safe and fun TREK through TIMELINES for all LGBTQIA+ and allies.

Fleet enrollment is open — no approval is required — and there are no criteria other than keeping communication friendly and appropriate for most ages. All are welcome, so if there is space, join us and take the conn!

The optional Fleet tri- and digraphs GT~ and GT — shared among the sister fleets — can be used to identify members, typically within square brackets [] preceding a Captain’s name in-game. Example:

[GT~] Sulu

“OH, MY!”


If you’re a Fleet member, feel free to post an introduction if you like, as well as any questions about the game or Fleet, game tips or information, ideas about how to improve the Fleet, or any other related topics.

For prospective members and others who are ~curious~, ask/post away, we look forward to hearing from you.

=A= Live Long and Prosper. =A=

Maintain Hailing Frequencies > OPEN

Image Credits: Stunning by Jim (44406) on estrip | UFP Pride by themikejones on Hailing Frequencies Open

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Posted: 22 June 2017 07:13 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
Total Posts:  59
Joined  2017-05-25

Dear Current and Prospective Fleet Members and Officers:

Please be advised that a Fleet Member or Officer who is inactive for a period of 30 consecutive days without informing the Admiral or an Officer in advance of the absence may be dismissed from the Fleet.

Former Fleet Members and Officers are welcome to rejoin the Fleet, providing there is space.

Apologies for the inconvenience to any Fleet Member or Officer dismissed due to inactivity.

The policy’s aim is to keep the Fleet as active, engaged, rewarding, and fun as possible. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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