Shuttle Error, can’t send specific characters that were involved in a wifi error.
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●●Feel free to remove this post. I’ve resolved the problem by deleting the affected characters, then, re-enlisting them.●●

I’ve already made a ticket, but, was told to make a post as well.

Basically, my wifi connection dropped momentarily when I went to complete a shuttle. So when I went to complete a shuttle, I was taken to that shuttle’s info screen. The shuttle’s status changed from “complete” to “3 days”. I thought whatever, probably a visual bug. I restarted the app, completed all the shuttles with no problem.

But now, when I try to send a crew member involved in the “transporter” accident, I receive the error: “An error occurred on the server, please try again. Item already busy.”. All other crew not involved in the accident are unaffected; but adding just one of the affected crew to a shuttle gives me that error.

Restarting the app + re-installing hasn’t helped, so, I am gonna assume it’s a server issue rather than a client one. I’ve attached a screen shot of the error, please help.

PS: At least two of my borg characters are affected by this. SO they are useless for the time being for the faction event…

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Thank you for the report, I have added it to our bug report and let the team know.


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