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v2.0 Client Build Notes
Posted: 27 April 2017 10:44 AM   [ Ignore ]  
Federation Council
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Greetings, Captains!

v2.0 is now live for all players! It includes an exciting new feature, the Honor Hall, plus tons of improvements, many of which were made thanks to our players’ feedback. For those who have been playing in the v1.9 Android beta, our v2.0 client update includes much of what you saw in the beta, but due to the size and scale of these changes we have changed the version number to v2.0 to distinguish it from the v1.9 beta.

NOTE: it could take up to 24 hours for the update to propagate to all app stores.

Honor and Honor Hall
- Dismissing crew now provides an all-new currency: Honor.
- Honor may be spent in the Honor Hall, located within the Time Portal.
- In the Honor Hall players will be able to purchase Honorable Citations but also Crew, Replicator Fuel, and Training Programs.
- An Honorable Citation may be substituted for a fusible crew of the same rarity as the citation. For example, a 2/5 Admiral Janeway may be upgraded to a 3/5 with a 5 Star Honorable Citation. Honorable Citations may be used when upgrading a crew through the Fusion UI.
- Players may still fuse crew using another copy of the same crew.

Crew Quarters
- The Crew Quarters layout has been overhauled. The new layout features a grid based approach that allows players to see more crew at once. Crew details have been streamlined in the main crew list.
- To allow players to manage their crew in a more efficient manner, we are introducing a new sorting dropdown menu! By default, the crew will be sorted by the number of actions they have available. Those actions are now displayed with a number instead of an exclamation point. Players will now have the ability to sort their crew by: Level, Rarity, Base Skill, Proficiency and alphabetically.
- Manual Search. Players will be able to search through their crew based on a name or trait, this will override any other sorting or filtering options that have been set.
- Players will no longer be able to dismiss crew who are currently tagged as “Favorite.” Attempting to do so will show a message indicating this. A crew must be removed from “Favorite” status before being dismissed.
- Crew will now show a locked icon if they cannot be dismissed. Tapping the dismiss button will bring up a message explaining why said crew is being blocked from dismissal.
- The Training panel has been made larger, and more clearly displays the training programs available to use.
- Immortalized Crew are now visually distinct from non-immortalized crew.
- Detailed crew stats (accessed via the circular info button) now shows better, more readable information. The crew’s ship ability and ship bonuses have also been moved to this area.
- Chronitons amount is now also displayed in the Crew Quarters screen.
- Additional Crew Slots can now be purchased at any time.
- Crew in overflow can now be selected in order to better see their traits, and skills. The only action available for those crew remains dismissal.
- The Get Item Menu will now show the mission’s current mastery. This will allow players to know if a mission is warpable without tapping the “Engage” button.

Crew Reenlistment
- Recently dismissed crew are now available to be reenlisted for the same amount of Honor they were dismissed for. Crew eligible for reenlistment can be accessed by tapping/clicking on the curved arrow icon in the Crew Quarters.
- Crew remain in reenlistment for four hours after they were dismissed. After four hours, crew are fully dismissed, and cannot be reenlisted.
- Reenlisting a crew requires to have at least one free crew slot available.

Faction Mission Hub Quick Travel Bar
- A Quick Travel Bar has been added to the Shuttle UI to allow players to view their reputation for all factions, and quickly travel to a Faction Center.
- Tapping/clicking on a Faction icon in the Quick Travel Bar allows travel to that specific Faction Center.
- Each Faction icon displays the overall reputation with each specific Faction. As faction standing improves, the progress bar will fill. At maximum reputation, the bar will turn into a star.
- The Quick Travel bar now shows whether you are at a Faction Center.
- Traveling to a Faction Center from the Shuttle UI should now immediately bring up the Faction Center after warp is complete.

Shuttle Bay UI and Performance Improvements
- Shuttle display no longer flips to show faction information; instead, travel to the Faction Center is now done by tapping/clicking the Faction Center icon.
- In Progress, and Completed shuttles now show the mission title, and story on the shuttle display.
- Performance optimization of the Shuttle Bay UI.
- Hitting the confirm button on the rewards panel after completing a Shuttle Mission will now take players back to the Shuttle Bay UI instead of the main game interface.

Shuttle Missions
- Fixed a bug where “AND” slots in shuttle missions were not calculating skill correctly, and resulted in lower success % for those slots.

Fleet UI
- The Fleet UI has been updated, and overhauled to lay the groundwork for more upcoming fleet features!
- The leader of a fleet is now called the “Admiral”.
- Fleet member ranks (Admiral, Officer, and Member) now have unique icons to differentiate them.
- Fleets have a new icon associated with them.

Main game interface
- The main game interface has been revamped to offer a more streamlined display
- Fleet UI can now be accessed from the main game interface instead of via the Menu.
- Icons for Fleets, Scan, Shuttles, Cadet Challenges, Battle Arena, and Gauntlet are now visually simplified, and part of the “Command Deck.”

Faction Center UI Improvements
- The Faction Center UI has been updated to improve readability on small devices.
- Faction Centers now show their faction representative on the left.


Player Experience Specialist, Disruptor Beam

Posted: 27 April 2017 10:44 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
Federation Council
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Dabo UI Improvements
- The Dabo Wheel has been relocated to Quark’s Bar - enjoy the new themed background when spinning to win!
- The Dabo Wheel’s UI has been refreshed, and updated.

Crew Fusion
- The Fusion UI now accepts Honorable Citations to fuse crew. To use an Honorable Citation, tap/click the arrow keys in the Fusion UI.

- Travel time has been reduced between solar systems.
- The travel confirmation popup now displays faster, and now shows your currently assigned ship.

- Time Portal packs now have an info button providing details about the content of a pack!
- Locked gear slot will once again show an orange colored border to show that an item is ready to be built, or equipped.
- Training Programs can now be used as fuel in the Replicator.
- Fixed a bug where tapping the add dilithium button on the top bar while on another panel would cause the dilithium store panel to overlay on top of the previous panel.
- Various localization fixes related to The Gauntlet.
- The Replicator panel now shows the current amount of your currencies (such as credits.)

For even more information about v2.0, refer to our Guide to v2.0 blog post found here and to our v2.0 Questions and Answers forum post found here:


Player Experience Specialist, Disruptor Beam