[NDQ] Noobs of the Delta Quadrant - Helping Beginners Become Admirals
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Noobs of the Delta Quadrant is a structured fleet with a single mission to help beginners become admirals.

We are offering;

- Real help from real players. Veteran players in the fleet are providing guidance and advice on a variety of topics.

- Equal opportunity. Your VIP level is irrelevant. We have both F2P and P2P veteran players that can help you on your journey to become an admiral.

- Strong community. We have an established, loyal, fun and friendly community.

- Experienced and fearless leadership. Many of our officers have proven themselves managing guilds/player communities in a variety of games.

- No strings attached. Once you feel ready to face the STT universe either on your own or by joining another fleet or maybe by starting your own fleet, you are free to do so.

We are looking for players who are;

- Active.

- Respectful to others.

- Able to read/write in English. As most of our resources are in English.

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I have applied in game to join your fleet and look forward to contributing to it.


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I joined NDQ when I was about lvl 12 (now 28), obviously shortly after gaining access to fleets. I’ve been able to learn a lot from the crew and contribute information at times.

There’s all kinds of people here, each of whom is friendly, respectful, and helpful.

Some of us are free playing, some are paying, so there’s always someone who can help advise on your perspective.

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Noobs of the Delta Quadrant has one opening in the fleet.  Feel free to PM me or the other members who are represented in this thread.  We are here to help smile