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1.7.1 Upcoming Changes and Gauntlet Roll-Out
Posted: 30 January 2017 02:39 PM   [ Ignore ]  
Federation Council
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Greetings Captains!

Today we are pushing a client update for the game, version 1.7.1. Please note that iOS will say 1.7.0, Android will say 1.7.1, but they are functionally the same. Following up on last week’s server push, below is a list of additional changes you will see in the game including The Gauntlet, which will be rolled out to players gradually:

- The Gauntlet: Players will be able to pick a team of five of their crew and compete against up to 200 other players’ teams for prizes. This is the first time that you’ll be able to compete against other players’ crew! Stay tuned for our more in-depth blog post and FAQ about The Gauntlet. This feature will be rolled out to players gradually, so not all players will see the feature at first.
- Fixed a bug in the tutorial that allowed players to close the first conflict, which would leave them stuck without UI and unable to continue playing.
- Crew management UI improvement: crew in overflow will now display “Duplicate” if that crew is already fully fused, and “Fusible” if not already fully fused.
- Added rewards and back button functionality to display rewards in the splash screen of an event.
- Various layout and UI improvements including changes to the Cryostasis Vault, PvP Battle Station style improvements, and changes to accommodate for more crew on screen at once.
- Other improvements to general typography, scrollbar usability, and reformatted rules.
- Addressed an issue where players were encountering a server error after crafting an item in a Galaxy Event when backgrounding the app.

Additionally, some of you may have experienced difficulties on Saturday morning as you tried to participate in the most recent Galaxy Event. Every player who attempted to play during this outage would have encountered this error. This was due to a bug that our team is currently working on remedying for future events. In the meantime, please accept this gift of 250 Chronitons to help level and improve your new crew from the event, because some of you were unable to participate for a short amount of time this past weekend. Enjoy!

The Star Trek Timelines Team