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Server build notes - 09/15 - Edit 2:42 PM ET
Posted: 15 September 2017 04:19 PM  
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Joined  2013-02-08

Greetings Captains!

In the server released today we are making a variety of bug fixes and preparations for exciting upcoming features! Make sure to restart the game to see all the changes.

Fleet Panel:
• You can now only see 50 Crew invites at a time. This should allow people who could not access their invites to be able to join a fleet now.

Faction Mission Rebalance:
• We have reduced the number of required crew slots and adjusted the skill requirements. The majority of non-event Faction Missions now require 3 or fewer crew. Skill Requirements have been adjusted to have more duplicate skills and more “AND” Requirements.

The shuttle mission issue has been resolved, please restart your game to benefit from the hot fix. There will be some compensation sent via in-game mail, so no need to submit a ticket. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Adjustments to Crew and Crew items:
• Chakotay - All versions of Chakotay now have the “Maquis” trait.
• Mirror Tucker - art for his Uniform has been updated to better reflect the uniform he wears.
• Klingon Dukat had two Super Rare Dukat’s Klingon Armor in his 90-100 Item set. One has been replaced with a Super Rare Gagh, which has slightly altered his Command and Diplomacy Skills.
• Katrine now has the “Undercover Operative” trait.
• Mirror Phlox - Legendary Medical Scanner has replaced a Legendary Dissection Tool that provided SCI skill. His stats have not changed.
• Command Wrap Kirk - A 22nd Century Command Uniform has replaced his level 90-100 uniform. No stat changes.
• Luther Sloan -  Security Reports have replaced Agonizer - since the Agonizer is a Mirror Universe item. No Stat Change.
• Koloth - Social Lesson has replaced Mobile Emitter. This has changed the values of Diplomacy Core and Proficiency slightly.
• Uncommon Criminal Activity Report recipe changed to use Common Criminal Activity Reports instead of Bajoran PADDs.
• Commander Dolim - New Item “Dolim’s Kemocite” that provides Ship Battle Crit Bonus replaces “Kemocite”.

Adjustments to Missions:
• Rabid Fans - Mission 2’s trait bonus has been changed from “Hunter” to “Investigator” to match the trait lock.
• Cadet Challenges - Ex Astris, Scientia - Mission 5: No Man Left Behind, 2nd node’s Trait Bonus has been changed from “Resourceful” to “Federation”.

Thank you for playing!


Player Experience Specialist, Disruptor Beam