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Update v2.2.0 is now live!
Posted: 21 August 2017 03:06 PM  
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Joined  2013-02-08

Greetings Captains!

v2.2.0 is now live and contains new features, bug fixes, and other improvements. To benefit from all v2.2.0 has to offer, be sure to update your game (iOS/Android/Steam) once it becomes available in your app store/library. The update will be automatic for Facebook/Facebook Gameroom. For iOS and Android, a forced upgrade is scheduled for sometime next week.

New Feature: Fleet Starbases (will go live after the forced upgrade)

Many of you have let us know that you want Fleets to play a bigger role in gameplay. With that in mind we are introducing Starbases to STAR TREK TIMELINES. Starbases is a Fleet-specific feature, allowing Fleet members to unlock and earn bonuses for Fleet Members like higher Chroniton caps and crew skill increases. Players will collect Starbase components by completing missions and then donate them to the Fleet. At the recommendation of Fleet Officers, the entire Fleet will work together to build rooms on the Starbase, each of which unlock bonuses.

In the future, we plan on releasing new bonuses for Fleets to earn.
For more details regarding Starbases, please refer to our in-depth blog post

Fleet Management Overhaul

With the introduction of the Starbases feature, we’ve made improvements to Fleet management:

• In the event that a Fleet Admiral resigns, they will now be able to choose another leader rather than being forced to disband the Fleet. Disbanding a Fleet will result in the loss of all Starbase bonuses and contributions.

• Fleet Admirals may now choose a Faction icon for their Fleet, set a minimum level requirement to join, and set a brief description of the Fleet which will be displayed to players looking for a Fleet to join

Players looking for a Fleet:

- Will be able to choose to auto-join a Fleet, for which they meet the level requirement and where the Admiral has been active in the last 24 hours
- Will only see Fleets for which they meet the level requirement
- Will be able to see the following information before joining a Fleet: Fleet Description, Admiral, Starbase level and last event ranking

Fleet members list:

- All players in a Fleet are now displayed in a single list, organized by Squadrons
- Players may now see who is in which Squadron, and invite players not yet in a Squadron to join theirs
- The list can be sorted by activity level event scores, daily contributions, or the default sort which puts the player’s squadron first

Inviting players to your Fleet:

- When looking for players to invite, Fleet Admirals and Fleet Officers will be presented with a list of players who are active and looking for a fleet. The list will include event ranking
- Searching for players by name will also be possible (with the exception of the name “Captain”)
- Inviting a player to a Fleet and promoting/demoting/removing a player from Squadron or Fleet, can now be done from within a player’s profile

• Event leaderboards will now be visible inside the Fleet panel and will display Fleet ranking, Squadron ranking and player ranking. In the future, past event rankings will be displayed as well.

• Fleet invites will no longer be displayed as an in-game mail. They will now appear in the Fleet panel and show details about the Fleet

Developer’s note: Overall, these changes aimed at giving players a little more insight and connection with their fleetmates as well as better flexibility for Fleet management. Joining a Fleet and inviting new members has always been a difficult task, and this update should help in that area. We want it to be easier for a player to start up a new fleet and recruit players to fill it up. With Starbases coming, banding together will be more beneficial than ever before - so we wanted to make doing so as pain free as possible.

New login option
A long requested improvement: players with an existing registered account will no longer need to go through the tutorial to be able to sign in with their credentials.

Client Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue where the Message of the Day was not appearing for some players.

• We took another pass at a known issue where the Warp 1 cost of a mission was incorrectly charged as a Warp 10 when the player had a Supply Kit active.

• Players with over 1000 items in their inventory should no longer receive an “Item in Overflow” error and will be able to build and equip items. Items in overflow will be dismissed after 7 days.

• Fixed an issue where a space was missing between level and level number when looking at an opponent profile in Battle Arena.

• Fixed an overlap issue between Warp 1 and Warp 10 buttons.

• Fixed an issue in the Get Menu where the word “Episode” was displayed under the Replicate button.

• When trying to make a purchase while not having enough Dilithium, the “Out of Dilithium” pop up will now display the appropriate Dilithium pack.

• Fixed an error when playing on Steam, left clicking twice on the Equip button will no longer prompt an error message.

We are very excited to expand on the social gameplay in STAR TREK TIMELINES, and we are looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you for playing!




Player Experience Specialist, Disruptor Beam