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v2.1.0 Client Build Notes
Posted: 13 June 2017 11:11 AM  
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Joined  2013-02-08

Greetings, Captains!

Our newest client update, version 2.1.0, is now live! This update contains tons of exciting changes, many of which were requests from you, our players. To benefit from these new changes, be sure to update your version to 2.1.0 as soon as it becomes available to you.

Please note that the last two features listed below will only be activated once every player on mobile (iOS/Android) has updated to v2.1.0. after a planned upcoming forced upgrade, which we will announce separately.  Edit: forced upgrade occurred 06/19.

• Individual Achievements have been added and can be viewed / claimed through the Daily Missions Panel under the Achievements tab. Some achievements are retroactively granted after you log in with the 2.1.0 client; those achievements are for Captain Level, Immortalized Crew, and Joining a Fleet.
• Achievements are claimable only once, but many have different tiers that scale upward. For example, the Immortalize Crew Achievement has tiers at 1, 10, 25, 50, etc. Each tier grants additional rewards!
• Achievement rewards are generally much greater than normal daily missions. In some cases the reward will be Honor, or even Dilithium.
Note: Players having already logged in today will only see the Achievements tomorrow.

Please note, once you log into the game for the day, the daily missions you see are what you get. So if you logged in earlier on the launch day under 2.0, you may not see new achievements until tomorrow.

Developer Note: It is our hope that adding achievements will help players set mid to long term goals for their progression in STT, and provide incentive and rewards to reaching those goals. We also wanted to reward our players who have been busy immortalizing their crew, giving them Dilithium for their efforts.

Quick Build
• When an item has all the necessary sub components or equipment required to build that item, the build button will now say “Quick Build.”
• Tapping “Quick Build” will bring up a confirmation popup with a message that displays the total cost of building ALL the sub components or equipment. Tapping the confirmation button will build all of the sub-items and the item itself.
• NOTE: You may still choose to build the individual sub-items if you tap or click on them.

Developer Note: This has been a long requested quality-of-life feature that we finally had some time to work on. We would like to extend our thanks to our players for continuing to provide us with good, actionable feedback to improve Star Trek Timelines.

Gallery View
• Tapping on the full body image of your selected crew now opens Gallery View.
• Gallery View shows the currently selected crew’s full body image large and centered, along with their name and current rarity.
• Tapping the arrows will change your currently selected crew to the next crew member in your Crew Quarters.
• NOTE: The Gallery View shows whatever crew are in your currently sorted / filtered list. Ex: If you have filtered down to Science crew, then the gallery will only show the filtered Science crew.

Developer Note: One of the pieces of feedback we received on the Crew Quarters overhaul that we feel could be easily addressed was that the selected crew’s full body art felt somewhat deprioritized with this new layout. And while the new layout makes overall crew management much easier, we still want to allow for players to easily view their collection without taking away the additional functionality that was added in v2.0.

Bug Fixes:
Addressed a bug where the Borg Sphere model was partially translucent.

Fleet Targets (available with forced 2.1.0 upgrade)
• Introducing Fleet Targets, the first of our new Fleet-centric features!
• Fleet Targets are daily communal missions for Fleets to strive for. Similar to your own Daily Missions, your Fleet Members complete these missions just by playing as they normally do.
• Each target has 3 thresholds, each of which will come with a reward for every Fleet Member. By completing the goals, each Fleet Member will be able to claim rewards from the Fleet screen.
• Fleet Targets have a participation tab which shows each member’s contribution for that day. Make sure to log in and play, so you earn rewards for everyone in your Fleet!
• While we are launching with only a few Fleet Targets, we plan to add more in the future.
• NOTE: You need to claim your Fleet Targets to get the rewards! Make sure to visit your Fleet regularly to claim any rewards you’ve unlocked during the day.
• NOTE: Leaving a Fleet after having contributed to the Fleet’s Targets will trigger a 24 hour cooldown before being able to participate in Fleet Targets in another Fleet. There will be no cooldown to join another Fleet however, the cooldown will only affect Fleet Target participation.

Developer Note: When we introduced the Honor Hall in 2.0, we knew we would need to add additional avenues for players to acquire Honor. We also have committed to making Star Trek Timelines a more social and communal experience. This addition is another step toward achieving that goal.

Daily Missions Completion Reward (available with forced 2.1.0 upgrade)
• A new Daily Mission has been added which requires that you complete all the normal daily missions.
• Completing this mission will reward Honor, and provides a way to get Honor each day outside of dismissing crew.

Developer Note: Revamping the Daily Missions and Achievements systems allowed us to create a meta-mission that rewards players for completing all of their daily missions. We’ve wanted to do this for a while, and with the Honor system in v2.0, we felt that this was another great place to reward players with Honor.


The Star Trek Timelines Team


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