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2.1.0 Server Build Notes
Posted: 01 June 2017 12:04 PM  
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Joined  2013-02-08

Greetings, Captains!

In preparation for the upcoming 2.1.0 client release, the 2.1.0 server build is now live, and contains the following changes and fixes, which we hope you will enjoy:

Gameplay Changes:

Rare Reward Balance Change
- In Away Team Missions, a critical success now guarantees acquiring the rare reward.  Previously, a critical success would provide you with a chance to get the rare reward.

Developer Note: We want to reduce the frustration in acquiring rare rewards when you have the appropriate crew to achieve critical success. This change should address those frustrations.

Saturday Advanced Cadet Challenge
- Players will now have the opportunity to take part in an advanced Cadet challenge on Saturday! This advanced Cadet Challenge is called: “A Certain Formality”, and will require rare female crew, so break out your CMO Ogawa, Kassidy Yates, and Vedek Winn crew! Saturday Advanced Challenges allow you to win credits, and Epic difficulty rare rewards include Honor, Supply Kits, and Premium 1x Packs.

Developer Note: The Saturday Advanced Cadet Challenge brings our second advanced challenge, giving you another reason to keep and level your rare crew. It was also important to bring it to STT so players could complete the new Daily Mission built around the Cadet Challenges.

Two New Daily Missions
- Two new daily missions have been added to Star Trek Timelines: Completing Battle Arena rounds, and completing Cadet Challenges.
- These two new daily missions reward our players for completing actions that they already do in Star Trek Timelines.

Developer Note: These made a brief appearance with the launch of 2.0. With the 2.1 update, we’re launching them for all players to complete, giving our players even more reasons to play Star Trek Timelines.

Bug Fixes:

- Addressed a missing image for ‘Newly Assimilated Data’ equipment.
- Addressed an issue where EV Suit Tucker required Terran Empire equipment instead of his own EV suit equipment.
- Removed the “Random Ship Item” from the Standard Time Portal 10x pack loot table that would sometimes show up in player’s loot.
- Addressed an issue with Crell Moset: the 3-5* Cardassian Communicators required at levels 20, 40, and 66 provided a bonus to Command, which he does not possess. Replaced with item that better fits his skills.
- Addressed an issue where Tempted Data lvl 80 required an item providing SCI bonus, skill he does not have. Replaced with item that better fits his skills.
- Addressed an issue where Commander Sela at level 66 requires an item of the wrong faction. Replaced with item that matched faction.
- Addressed an issue where Augment Riker lvl 99 required an item that provides DIP stats. Replaced with item that better fits his skills.
- Addressed an issue where Dr. Selar Starfleet Medicine Uniform (TNG) 3* and 4* do not provide the correct stat increase. 3* and 4* of Starfleet Medicine Uniform (TNG) provide + 10 instead of +25 and +50 respectively. This only impacts Dr. Selar - increasing her Medicine Skill.
- Addressed an issue where Nog’s Command Uniform appeared as Placeholder Image.
- Addressed an issue with Away Mission Locked Node Pathing. An away Mission with two paths to a locked node stating “Success in the previous challenge”, but one of the paths (the one that is not directly parallel to the locked node) did not work and results in the node remaining locked with the criteria “Cardassian Reputation”.

The Star Trek Timelines Team


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