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The Borg Are On Their Way! “Process of Assimilation” Mega-Event Kicks Off May 4th
DB Heather
Posted: 02 May 2017 10:03 AM  
Total Posts:  263
Joined  2016-09-07

Starfleet has received an unexpected visit from former members of Unimatrix Zero. Their ragtag fleet has come to warn the Federation that one of its greatest fears has materialized. The Borg are on their way. The Unimatrix Zero refugees are seeking both shelter and an alliance, in the hopes that their knowledge of the Collective can help save others from assimilation. But first the quadrant will have to survive the arrival of the Borg, who are targeting some of the region’s fiercest factions in an attempt to cripple any resistance.

We’re excited to introduce the first-ever mega-event to STAR TREK TIMELINES beginning this weekend! Process of Assimilation is a month-long series of in-game events that share a continuous story arc exploring the question, “What if a mysterious space-time anomaly was no longer your biggest problem…?”

The first of these Borg-themed events, Zero Hour, is a Galaxy Event that starts on Thursday, May 4th and runs until Monday, May 8th.  Subsequent events will include Experimental Design starting on May 11th, Contagion on May 18th, and Resistance on May 25th. Event type, crew and additional details for each event throughout the month will be announced according to our typical announcement schedule. Look for event notes on the Wednesday prior to each event!

Throughout Process of Assimilation, new assimilated characters will be introduced including Janeway, La Forge, Tuvok, and the highly requested Borg Queen. We’ve also added a Borg Sphere, an all-new ship for players!

In addition to competing in the weekend events, players will be able to participate in Borg-centric Gauntlets, earn Borg-related rewards in the Battle Arena, and purchase Borg packs in the Time Portal.

How could you resist?

Did you see our Process of Assimilation trailer? Check it out here:

We hope you are as excited for Process of Assimilation as we are! Stay tuned for more specific details on our Facebook and Twitter pages, on the forums, and in your in-game mail.

- The Star Trek Timelines Team