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Event Notes: Convergence Day - 01/12
Posted: 11 January 2017 01:56 PM  
Total Posts:  5993
Joined  2013-02-08

Greetings, Captains:

It’s been nearly a standard Earth year since the temporal anomaly crisis began. Despite all the chaos it has caused, there have also been innumerable scientific breakthroughs, the reunion of family and friends with lost loved ones, a second chance for fallen villains and heroes alike. To celebrate all that has been gained, the Federation has declared a new holiday—Convergence Day—and many groups outside the Federation are adopting the holiday as their own as well.

Event Name: Convergence Day
Event Type: Galaxy
Event Start: Thursday, January 12th at Noon ET (17:00 UTC)
Event Finish: Tuesday, January 17th at Noon ET (17:00 UTC)

Squadrons: Yes
Crew Sharing: No

Important: This Galaxy Event will only have one phase. We’ve also added many more Communal Rewards to strive for! And a single phase means more Community Rewards to achieve.

Event Crew:

C.O.P. Founder Picard (New) 1/5* Legendary
Skills: DIP 1026 (221-460), CMD 1144 (84-164)
Traits: Federation, Starfleet, Human, Inspiring, Cultural Figure, Communicator

C.O.P. Founder Picard is a new version of the popular captain voted on by players during the event “The Second Battle of New York.”

Convergence Day Quark (New) 1/5* Legendary
Skills: DIP 1016 (217-498), CMD 995 (182-438)
Traits: Ferengi, Costumed, Civilian, Merchant, Romantic, Gambler, Bartender, Communicator

Judge Q (Existing) 1/5* Legendary
Skills: SEC 963 (203-407), CMD 868 (204-414), DIP 448 (181-354)

Human Q (Existing) 1/4* Super Rare

Detective Dixon Hill (Existing) 1/4* Super Rare

Klingon Quark (Existing) 1/4* Super Rare

These exact event crew provide the best bonuses, but all versions of event crew provide some.

Threshold Rewards (in order)

- Captain Picard 1/2* (Existing) (45 VP, 1250 VP, )
- Human Q 1/4* (Existing) (3,450 VP, 35,000 VP)
- 7x 10-pack standard (120,000 VP)

Ranked Rewards (in Order)

- Klingon Quark 1/4*
- Human Q 1/4*
- C.O.P. Founder Picard 1/5* 

The full list of rewards can be found here:

Community Rewards (in Order)

- 150,000,000 : 1x Standard Boost 10-Pack
- 300,000,000 : 1x Q’s Choice Pack 1-Pack
- 450,000,000 : 2x Standard Boost 10-Pack
- 600,000,000 : 1x Klingon Quark (1/4*)
- 900,000,000 : 2x Q’s Choice Pack 1-Pack
- 1,200,000,000 : 1x Klingon Quark (1/4*)
- 1,500,000,000 : 4x Q’s Choice Pack 1-Pack
- 1,800,000,000 : 1x Convergence Day Quark (1/5*)
- 2,400,000,000 : 1x Q’s Choice 10-Pack

The Q’s Choice pack is a new collection of crew hand-selected by Q to meet some of the most demanding challenges in the galaxy.

Oh, and there’s one more thing for our community …

Everyone gets a FREE five crew slots! We’re rolling out an additional five free slots as part of our Convergence Day announcement. Feel free to use these free crew slots, which affect all past and future players, as soon as the Event begins.



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