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Event: Plague of Plagues - 12/15 - Community Rewards correction 12/15 11 AM EST
Posted: 14 December 2016 09:55 AM  
Total Posts:  5993
Joined  2013-02-08

Greetings, Captains:

This week’s event build brings Galaxy event “Plague of Plagues.”  This is in addition to the Community Crew Slot Event announced earlier this week, so make sure to keep sending shuttle missions out while working on Plague of Plagues to give the community the best chance of earning 5 FREE crew slots!

The Vidiians—a Delta Quadrant species afflicted with a disease which drove them to steal organs from other compatible species—have made many enemies in their efforts to save themselves from the Phage. One such enemy, the inaccurate Kyrian version of Chakotay, has vowed vengeance, and unleashed a new form of the Phage which not only affects Vidiians, but also anyone Chakotay views as their allies.

Danara Pel, a Vidiian scientist, is working around the clock to fight this new form of the Phage with the assistance of the Dominion, who have suffered from their own physically degenerative disease. Doctor McCoy wishes to assist on behalf of the Federation, but worries that the Dominion will influence Danara to consider less than ethical solutions. The Terran Empire, which helped Chakotay develop the new strain of the Phage disease, is remorseful and hopes to make amends by finding a cure—assuming you trust them to do so.

Recipe Refreshes reset with the phase instead of every 24 hours. At the start of each phase, players each get one free recipe refresh which then get progressively more expensive until the start of the next phase.

Event Crew:

5* “Dark Ages” McCoy (Existing)
4* Danara Pel - NEW
4* Warship Chakotay - NEW
-All versions of Chakotay and McCoy will provide bonuses

Community Rewards (in order)
Note: Based on community feedback, the VP needed to achieve the highest tier of rewards has been reduced for this Galaxy Event.

-Warship Chakotay (1/4*) (300 Million VP earned by community)
CMD 404+(172-414)
SEC 727+(172-350)
Traits: Human, Warrior, Hunter, Starfleet, Brutal, Villain, Hologram

-Danara Pel (1/4*) (600 Million VP earned by community)
SCI 618+(48-125)
MED 646+(151-430)
Traits: Hologram, Doctor, Vidiian, Desperate, Geneticist

-10x Premium Pull (1 Billion VP earned by community)

Threshold Rewards (in order)

-CMO “Bones” McCoy (Existing)
-Warship Chakotay (Stats Above)

Ranked Rewards (in Order)

-Prisoner McCoy (Existing)
-Danara Pel (New, Stats Above)
-”Dark Ages” McCoy (Existing)

Non-Event New Characters

This build also introduces the following two new characters to the game:

Gul Madred (1/5*)
CMD 925+(149-298)
DIP 437+(114-222)
SEC 924+(274-608)
Traits: Cardassian, Interrogator, Brutal, Survivalist, Veteran

Admiral Cartwright (1/5)*
CMD 1159+(167-360)
DIP 854+(165-371)
Traits: Gambler, Saboteur, Human, Desperate, Federation



Player Experience Specialist, Disruptor Beam