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Faction Event: "The Akritirian Job" 11/23 and new crew!
Posted: 22 November 2016 12:20 PM  
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Joined  2013-02-08

Greetings, Captains!

This week will introduce Faction Event 12: The Akritirian Job

The Akritirian security facility has appeared in the Alpha Quadrant, and as has only been recently discovered, the Akritirians have been quietly imprisoning anyone they believe to have broken their laws. Innocent citizens of the Federation, Klingon Empire, and the Bajorans are believed to be among them, and these powers will not stand for their people being unjustly imprisoned. Representatives from each faction with some prior experience with incarceration are leading efforts to infiltrate the Akritirian security facility and see these citizens freed.

Due to Thanksgiving day in the US, the event will start tomorrow, Wednesday 11/23 and end on Sunday 11/27.

The featured characters are:

Delta Flyer Paris (VOY)
Rarity: Legendary
Skills: CMD 1013 (224-512); ENG 897( 92-309); MED 508 (105-232)
Traits: Gambler, Human, Romantic, Tactician, Federation, Starfleet, Pilot, Maverick, Athlete
Available via: Rank Reward, Event Pack, Offers

Rura Penthe Reed (ENT)
Rarity: Super Rare
Skills: CMD 497 (121-372); SEC 624 (163-548)
Traits: Starfleet, Human, Desperate, Criminal, Undercover Operative
Available via: Threshold, Rank, Packs, Offers

Disguised Kira (DS9) (existing)
Rarity: Legendary
Skills: DIP 1107 (106-245); SEC 807 (269-701)
Traits: Bajoran, Saboteur, Marksman, Undercover Operative
Available via: Packs, Offers

All versions of these crew will receive a bonus on shuttle missions; event crew will receive the best bonus.

The Event Factions are:
Klingon Empire

Threshold Rewards: Major Kira (Uncommon), Rura Penthe Reed (Super Rare)
Rank: Hockey Paris (Rare); Rura Penthe Reed (Super Rare); Delta Flyer Paris (Legendary)

We also welcome the following crew in the game, they may be obtained via the Time Portal.

Deanna Troi
Rarity: Rare
  Skills: CMD 127 (87-199); DIP 298 (120-236); MED 412 (112-282)
  Traits: Federation, Starfleet, Human, Betazoid, Empath, Counselor

Dr. Richard Daystrom
Rarity: Legendary
  Skills: ENG 882 (134-447); DIP 857 (259-761)
  Traits: Federation, Prodigy, Inspiring, Innovator, Civilian, Human, Cultural Figure

Live Long and Prosper,




Player Experience Specialist, Disruptor Beam