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Server update in advance of "The Prime Directive" launching 8/25
DB Becca
Posted: 24 August 2016 12:31 PM  
Total Posts:  1723
Joined  2016-01-25

Greetings, Captains!

“The Prime Directive” Galaxy Event crew are warping into the game and the special Event Pack today, August 24.

The Prime Directive—a core tenet of Starfleet’s ethical principles which prohibits interference with the natural, unassisted development of other societies—has seen near constant violation in the wake of the temporal anomaly crisis. Despite arguments that this directive is now more impractical than ever, the Federation has challenged its neighbors to assist in carving out safe spaces for less advanced civilizations to continue their development. But who can best ensure their protection, and uphold the Prime Directive?

The 3 featured factions are:
Section 31
Terran Empire
Ferengi Alliance

The 3 featured characters are:

Super Rare Harris (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Skills: COM 645 (161-344), DIP 397 (186-369), SEC 305 (111-259)
Traits: Human, Starfleet, Federation, Undercover Operative, Resourceful

Super Rare Mirror Tucker (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Skills: ENG 698 (125-289), SEC 555 (106-208)
Traits: Human, Starfleet, Terran Empire, Jury Rigger, Brutal, Explorer

Legendary Grand Nagus Zek (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Skills: DIP 1104 (210-380), COM 992 (60-177), SEC 396 (84-191)
Traits: Ferengi, Cultural Figure, Scoundrel, Gambler, Merchant, Lord

Any previously-released version of Trip Tucker gets a 3X Bonus during the Event. Any of the three Featured crew get a 5X Bonus during the Event.

“The Prime Directive” Galaxy Event kicks off Thursday, August 25 at 12:00pm ET/4:00PM UT.

During the first phase (ending Saturday at 12:00pm ET/16:00 UT) of the Galaxy Event, Community Rewards can be obtained by communal Victory Points (in addition to Threshold Rewards obtainable by each player).

During the second phase (ending Monday at 12:00pm ET/16:00 UT), players will have a chance to vote on which Faction should emerge victorious. The top Faction will add another crew to the game in a future update.

Premium Portal:

Additional crew will be added to the premium portal packs with this release. These crew are:

Super Rare Goran’Agar (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Skills: COM 846 (48-98), DIP 475 (182-362), SEC 396 (69-155)
Traits: Jem’Hadar, Dominion, Desperate, Survivalist, Hunter, Veteran

Super Rare Silik (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Skills: COM 752 (105-267), SEC 630 (99-211)
Traits: Suliban, Shapeshifter, Saboteur

Live Long and Prosper,



Star Trek Timelines Community Manager