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LGBT and Allies Alliance for Kingsguard Phase
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Did you imagine all the ways Yara “entertained” Dany on the voyage from Meereen?  Would you have no problem with the “take no wife/father no children” portion of the Night’s Watch Vows?  Do you not tie yourself in knots over a little bit of buggery?  Or do you just like rainbows?  If any of the above apply to you or you just want to spank some ass while waving a rainbow flag around, I have the alliance for you!

DB has announced that the Kingsguard Phase will run from October 13 to October 17.  In anticipation that one title up for grabs will be “Rainbow Guard”,  I am organizing an LGBTQ and allies alliance.  I don’t care if you are light side, dark side, or swing both ways (This will be a burner alliance that will be formed only for the Kingsguard phase).  The only requirements are:

1) You are will to target any alliance who challenges us for the “Rainbow Guard” title;
2) You are a dom who knows how to give orders OR are a sub who knows how to follow orders;
3) Are AvA competitive; and
4) Are 18+

Right now, there is no minimum GP requirement (want to be inclusive right), first come, first in, but if interest is high we will set a minimum VP requirement.

Sign up at our diplomacy page: 

Or if you don’t have facebook message me here.


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