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Recruiting: Iron Knights of Harlaw, looking for new/interested players
Posted: 11 July 2017 08:58 PM   [ Ignore ]  
Total Posts:  1
Joined  2017-05-31

Hello, the Iron Knights of Harlaw are a new, young alliance looking for interested players of all types to join with us. We have no leaning preference towards AvA, Pvp, or however one wants to interact with the rest of Westeros. Interested in all variety of players, be it casual or hardcore. We’d prefer those who are hoping to have fun and make new friends and allies to experience the story and enjoyment of Ascent with.

The only requirement necessary to join the Iron Knights, is yourself. Please contact me if interested, and I look forward to hearing from you. Any fealty is permitted, but we’d prefer Ironborn.

~Ser Troy Galdeira
Leader, Iron Knights of Harlaw
Alliance code -
Friend code - 739234