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Adjust VP calculations… 
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To include Defenders

Hitting a camp full of defenders and getting the minimum VP for a destroyed camp is ridiculous

I can hit a camp with 0 defenders and min% health and get max VP when that camp could have very low stats ... say less than 200

But if I hit that same camp with 0% health and a defender providing 1k+ defense I get the minimum VP

Just stupid.

Maybe just add this expression to the VP equation:

If CampDefended = true Then multiply VpReward x 2 (or 3, or 4, or 5, whatever)

Just a thought

(Yes this would multiply max VP as well if hitting defenders and winning)



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Excellent suggestion, imho.

+1000. Bringing back defensive VP would help alliance members still reincarnating to earn personal rewards even if they are not strong enough to get wins through hostile or beneficial actions.

In my alliance, 17 of our 26 war participants earned VP. That means that 9 players either contributed defenders or mats for camp/silver. Putting up a defender that can earn double VP for a successful rebuff could help alliance leaders evaluate the training needs of the players. It would offer us the “multitude of various paths” to a win.



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That would be stupid as it would make ava even more perverted that its now. No defense would be best defense. Top alliances would just keep camps without defenders most of time with timers and others would attack one in tenth spot that has defenders because it gives better vp than undefended region leader.