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Build Notes - May 10th, 2017
Posted: 10 May 2017 06:32 AM   [ Ignore ]  
Old Gods
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Joined  2016-09-07

Build #472

Greetings Bannermen!

Today’s build prepares the stage for the experimental 1-day Rogue AvA phase, starting at 11:00AM EDT (15:00 UTC) this Thursday, May 11th, and running through to 11:00AM EDT (15:00 UTC), Friday May 12th (i.e., 24 Hours). This build also adds Chapter 11 Quests to Gathering Storm and includes an Adventure Bonus week.

Rogue Changelog:
Rogue FAQ:

Fixes, Improvements, and Additions!
- AvA Rogue Phase has been implemented. This experimental day-long phase runs from 15:00 UTC, Thursday May 11 to 15:00 UTC, Friday May 12.
- Gathering Storm Chapter 11 Quests are now available
- Bonus Week: Adventures have their timers reduced by 25%

General Bug Fixes:
- In an effort to change the PtP hostile action reset time (to make it consistent with other aspects of the game), some players were able to send more than the 15 hostile PtP actions per day, reverting this until we can track down the cause of this anomaly
- Fixed a few quest typos

Known Issues

- Upgrading your camp, at max level, does not dismiss the upgrade screen, and player must leave and re-enter the Camp screen to have updated graphics
- AvA Rogue Phase: Names of actions are not updated to reflect their new effects
- AvA button on the holdings screen does not roll over to the “Active” state without refreshing once the AvA has started
- Loyalty Rewards may not trigger properly for all players
- The lorebook is incorrectly displaying some volumes as complete for some players
- Nyall’s Rebellion: “An Oath Broken” AND “Traitor or Loyalist?” will trigger when playing through Gathering Storm Chapter 1 as a Rebel. Make sure to choose the Rebel option to prevent being flagged as a Loyalist
- Affixes are currently not available on Rare Items in the Shop.  We are working to develop and implement inventory-related changes that will allow for these items to become available again

- The following recipes are currently unavailable for Android:
· 10x Keepsakes recipe in the Great Hall
· Uncommon recipes in Village Center
- Boons are currently not available on Quests on Android