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Official House of fire recruitment page
Posted: 06 May 2017 10:27 PM   [ Ignore ]  
Total Posts:  45
Joined  2016-12-09

We are a competitive alliance composed of 60 members who regularly start challenges and participate in AVA. Most of us are AVA participants and Some of us are pacifists as we do not require our members to participate in AVA if they do not wish to.

for those who had competed in AVA, earned 28th in the Crownlands and 52th in the Westerlands in the Slayer AVA phase. of course our highest rank was 25 in the Riverlands.

Our challenges are always open for members and all can join, we do have specific goals for each kind of challenges, those which give dragon crafting supplies will go to who ever provides the most craft-able items to that challenge, of course the provider can chose to set the tone of the challenge if they wish. AVA spoil challenges are for those wishing to level and the rest are free for all.

like all alliances we have rules, but our leadership also have rules, for one we never publicly discipline members via chat, if there is a problem, it will always be a private matter, we have ravens and we know how to send them.

Also it is our duty as leadership to ensure that over-aggressive behavior towards other members does not occur in the Alliance chat or in private massages sent to other members, we allow some playful antagonism but if this becomes to regular and continues after the warning raven, we wish you the best but we only allow decent human beings in our alliance.

We have a monthly role call every 7th, as long as you had shown that you still exist during that month, you will be fine. if not we will send an inquiry raven your way, if no raven comes back within a week, we wish you the best but we like our tactics.

Our AVA strategies are based on circumstance, but our rules are to never harm allies nor help enemies. Often there will also be cease-fires in effect, as in other alliances it is the player’s duty to check MOTD and chat before you send harmful actions. this rule is a key pillar in our alliances order, if you try to knock it down we will send a warning raven and if behavior still occurs after you responded to the raven, we will wish the best, but we can’t let you hurt our members like that.

Yes we know rules are boring but is necessary, if you agree by these rules and you intend to be active you are welcome in our alliance even if you are new, we will help you in any way we can.

to join just simply search for us in the alliance menu, we are currently open to the public and will gladly welcome some new faces.

- This is Rin Crypt, House of Fire leader, looking forward to greeting you into our group.


Leader of House of Fire

Posted: 04 June 2017 02:31 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Joined  2017-03-19

Been here for a good few months & this is what I can say, Started playing as my brother (Pycelle) plays this & he is a officer now after working hard for the alliance since he started. This alliance is growing stronger thanks to everyone inc the officers & Leader Rin who is doing a dandy job!

we seem to have more active players each AvA, sometimes our members are busy working or away but no biggie we make do’s. We could do with more members if you are looking to do a good cause. Why not begin in our alliance and rise together to the top? Is the challenge too daunting? smile

We have lots of challenges open & we help barter the low level members till they find their feet, we are a helpful and handy when it comes to it.

House Of Fire - Join us & cause destruction smile mbroad mbow mhelm mtorch