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Build Notes - Android Build 1.1.70
Posted: 07 February 2017 03:58 PM   [ Ignore ]  
Old Gods
Total Posts:  263
Joined  2016-09-07

Hello Bannermen!

The new Android build will be rolling out to players over the course of this week, to give us time to catch any issues before the next Tales phase starts on Friday the 10th of February.

In this build, we bring you new Quest content and have added new functionality meant to improve Android’s parity with our other platforms for events such as Tales and AvA.

Fixes and Improvements
- ‘Retrain’ button added to the Keep
- ‘Train All’ functionality added to the Keep
- Gathering Storm & Volume VI added to Quests
- Three-Eyed Raven Tale locations 4 and 5 are now playable
- Three-Eyed Raven Tale art assets are now fully implemented
- Fixed an issue where a rare Three-Eyed Raven chest was showing as peerless
- Fixed a bug where some players would get stuck in Tales and were unable to proceed
- AvA spoils can now be converted in the Alchemists’ Guild (3 to 1 instead of 9 to 3)
- Fixed bug where Player-to-Player Barter actions sometimes changed to Fight actions
- Resolved various Android display issues
- Fixed an issue where building icons were out of place on certain devices - This is fixed on some devices, though with Android device fragmentation as it is, we may not be able to cover all devices.

Remaining Known Issues:
- Second row of loot table rewards displays same graphic as the first row
- Silver coin graphic is displayed as “[OBJ]”
- For ‘Train All’ button, lower-end devices may experience poorer responsiveness when quickly-tapping the + or - buttons