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iOS and Android version 1.0.5
Posted: 29 February 2016 01:50 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Joined  2016-01-25

Hello Captains! Prepare for a subspace update with the latest improvements for Star Trek Timelines, now being released (may take up to 48 hours in some locations) through the iOS App Store and Google Play!

—Some ships can now be upgraded multiple times! Upgrading a ship improves its stats. Expect all ships to be upgradeable in the near future. This update applies to the following ships:

All one- and two-star ships
The Defiant
Enterprise 1701

—Captains now receive a notification when they can build or upgrade a ship.

—When selecting crew for an Away Team mission, you can now filter your crew by stat! Filter by Security, Command, Medical, etc. and you’ll only see the crew of that type. Crew are automatically sorted with the highest skill at the top.

—The look of Ship Combat has been revamped! Crew are now color-coded for their type, and crew show up much more prominently when they are used in combat.

—Chronitons now show on the main screen! Chronitons will swap out for Merits when you open a faction store.

—The potential rare rewards now shows if you’ve already claimed those rewards.

—Warp 10 is now “Warp Max,” which warps you the maximum number of times you can afford with your Chronitons.

—Stability and performance improvements.

—And so much more!

Thanks for your support and feedback. Live long and prosper!


Star Trek Timelines Community Manager