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Trek FM interviews Timothy Crosby, lead game designer of Timelines
Posted: 23 June 2014 02:50 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Continuing Mission 12: Exploring Star Trek Timelines
Lead Game Designer Timothy Crosby talks Timelines.

While watching Star Trek in new incarnations is fun, exploring the Star Trek universe through interactive adventures is also a popular way to continue the missions of our favorite crews. A new game in development by Disruptor Beam, the creators of Game of Thrones Ascent, will transport players into the Star Trek universe. Titled Star Trek Timelines, the free-to-play game will span desktop and mobile devices as well as all of the time periods we’ve seen on screen. In this episode of Continuing Mission we’re joined by Timothy Crosby, lead game designer on Timelines, to learn more about the genesis of the game, how it differs from others, and what players can expect as they take to the stars.

The entire podcast is 51 minutes long, but the last half was a recap of other recent Trek podcasts.


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Posted: 24 June 2014 04:16 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Cap Denslog .......... Brief Analysis of the Audio Interview:

From my perspective, I have been able to get two specific ‘tid-bits’ of info I gathered that had been alluded to previously but were never confirmed by a developer (Tim Crosby-is Disruptor Beam’s Lead Developer).

On the one hand is when, in Star Trek’s Timeline, will the game begin and second, what will be your position and rank when the game begins.

1.)  Although the game will take place in an over-lapping timeline it will begin in an era after the Voyager series and just slightly after the ST movie Nemisis.

2.)  Your rank will be Captain of your own vessel who will gather a crew,  some of which will be characters from different time periods who will assist on your vessel and go on away-missions.

* Numerous other bits of intel were divulged, but those two stood out as clear confirmation that this is how it will be when the game is released. Also mentioned as before, that the fans of the Forum, and of Facebook, will eventually see screen shots of what the game will look like. I’m hoping we will see video renditions also. *

The interview was entertaining and informative. It’s worth a listen to by all potential inhabitants of the upcoming shift in the Timelines.  grin

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