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Event FAQ
DB Becca
Posted: 29 March 2016 02:23 PM  
Total Posts:  1723
Joined  2016-01-25

What is an event?

An event is a period of time where special rules are applied to Star Trek Timelines. For our first event, They Came From The Holodeck, all Federation Faction Missions during the event now drop Victory Points. Victory Points unlock Threshold Rewards, and improve your rank on the Leaderboards.

What are the Leaderboards?

While the event is active, you can earn Victory Points. The number of Victory Points you earn during the event determines your place on the leaderboards. You are ranked against everyone playing the event in Star Trek Timelines. The rewards you earn are based on your leaderboards position at the end of the event. Rewards can be anything, from premium Time Portal packs to Merits, or even Legendary crew!

You will receive your rewards within 72 hours after the event has ended.

What are Threshold Rewards?

Not everyone is able to win the best rewards on the leaderboards. Threshold Rewards give our players a way to earn rewards just by playing the event! As you earn Victory Points, you’ll pass “thresholds” which qualify you for rewards. Those rewards could be transmissions, items, merits, or anything else - even Super Rare crew!

You can claim your threshold rewards as you qualify for them during the event. If you have any unclaimed event rewards at the end of the event, they’ll be rolled into your final rewards.

When is the Event?

They Came From The Holodeck starts on Thursday, March 31st at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC) and end on Monday, April 4th at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC).

Who are the crew that offer bonuses?

For They Came From The Holodeck, all variants of Lieutenant Paris and Captain Janeway will grant bonuses to the event Faction Missions. That means crew like Nurse Paris and Rifle Janeway will provide bonuses, as will Captain Janeway or Captain Proton.

The specific event crew of Captain Proton and Queen Arachnia give a greater bonus than Lieutenant Paris, Rifle Janeway, or Captain Janeway.

Where can we get event crew?

There will be a special pack added to the Time Portal for this event! The event pack features Captain Proton for the first time, and also increases the drop rate for Queen Arachnia. The event pack is also the first to guarantee at least a Captain Proton for each ten-pack purchase!

The Captain Proton / Queen Arachnia pack will disappear after the event ends.

NOTE: We will update this post when we know the exact times of the event.


Star Trek Timelines Community Manager